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Deconstruct / Reading Quilt

Deconstruct / Reading Quilt

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I call this quilt “Deconstruct.” I have been thinking a lot about the line from Maya Angelou’s poem “Human Family”: “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

While this is true, we are born into societies, systems, circumstances, religions and countries in which not all things are equal. We are taught to “other,” and worse, judge and devalue, anyone seemingly different than us.

I hope the growing awareness of anti-Black racism and all forms of discrimination will drive us, me included, to finally stand up and get to work. It’s beyond time we deconstruct and defund all the systems that are so clearly broken. Only then can we rebuild a society that better reflects our values of love, acceptance, equality, and kindness. 

Quilt details:

W 40 x L 55 inches

Designed and handmade by Kristy Woudstra

100% cotton fabric and batting

Machine quilted with hand-sewn binding

Care instructions: Wash in cold water, hang to dry