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Split Decision / Wall Hanging

Split Decision / Wall Hanging

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When I look back on life, I wonder about decisions I made and how my trajectory might have changed if I had chosen something different. It’s funny, but the moments that come to mind aren’t the big ones, like jobs, marriage, kids or moves, but the smaller decisions that led to them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and wouldn’t change a single thing about this moment I’ve arrived at, but it’s fascinating to think how different it all could have been. Or maybe all paths would have brought me here? To me, that’s what this quilted wall hanging represents, so I’ve called it “Split decision.”

Quilt details:

W 24 x H 33 inches

Designed and handmade by Kristy Woudstra

100% cotton fabric and batting

The backing includes tabs, so it's easy to hang with a dowel

Machine quilted and bound

Care instructions: Wash in cold water, hang to dry