The Studio:

Gezellig (heh-sell-ick) is a Dutch word that doesn't have an English translation. It's more of a feeling or state of mind. Think of those special moments when you're completely present, sharing a laugh with loved ones without a care in the world. That's gezellig — and what this studio strives for in the process of every creation.

The Maker:

A magazine editor and writer by trade, Kristy Woudstra loves to doodle, sew and create any chance she gets. As the kid of Dutch immigrants, she's heavily influenced by her culture and experiences. When she's not thrifting or travelling, she's working away in her studio in the beautiful, downtown east-side of Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada.

The Goods:

Every Gezellig Studio item is handmade with the intention of sustainability. Quilts are created with all-natural textiles and include upcycled fabrics whenever possible. The felt used for the Grumpy Faces is made from recycled plastic bottles and their stuffing is made from recycled materials as well. The studio tries to tread as lightly as possible on the planet.

Ontario Retailers:

Guelph: Double Rainbow Café

Hamilton: Art Gallery of HamiltonPretty Grit and Vintage Coffee

Ottawa: Maker House Co


(Photo by Bella Clemencio)